Who are the Noobs you ask?

We Are A Game Dev Company!

Angry Noobs is a company started to give the team a chance to working on creative ideas without a cracking whip!
We keep that mentality strong here, otherwise what’s the point?
We do what we do for the fun in it. We get an idea and go with it,
when you work in a creative driven environment it opens up your mind to think clearer and faster!
We love what we do and plan to keep doing it!

What kind of games do you make?:
We make whatever interests us the most! It’s boring working on a boring game!
What platforms do you release on?:
We mostly make Apps for iOS and Android! They can also be played on your browser!
Cool, how can we get involved?:
Follow our YouTube series!
We make videos of an apps development and take feedback from the fans!
Do you do anything else besides Games?
We make Websites! You're looking at one now!

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Meet The Team!

Nazar Gjyli

Founder - Game Designer - Artist - Audio Engineer - Programmer
Accomplishments: 5 Time World Renown Hopscotch Champion
Best Known For: Besting the Queen in Competitive Tea Drinking
Special Ability: Round house kick of Justice!

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